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Hot Drink Mug in Bottle Cage
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:27:27 pm »
As a former cycle commuter and devotee of my morning coffee, I am constantly looking for travel mugs that fit in a standard water bottle cage and can be operated with one hand.  My Contigo Aria (the older model offered in the US, not the one from Europe/Australia) is pretty beat up after almost 20 years of use.  I've tried finding new old stock or used, no good.  Replacement tops seem to be gone too.

Requirements: 70mm diameter, top tapers down a little to fit under the cage "finger", one hand operation.  Prefer 450ml/16oz capacity.

I am aware that there are other types and sizes of bottle holders, but I don't want to replace all of the cages on any of the 10 bikes, and buy a fleet of new bottles.

There are a number of them that are just a bit too big.  Using them would stretch out the cage so water bottles would be a loose fit.

Anybody have any suggestions?