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North Dakota State Highway 46 (Northern Tier)
« on: June 14, 2022, 02:17:26 pm »
I just finished crossing North Dakota, the last of the contiguous 48 states I needed to cross by bike.

I rode from Glendive, MT to Moorhead, MN on the Northern Tier route.

State Highway 46, between Enderlin and Kindred, is the worst stretch of road I’ve ever ridden on! Narrow two lane highway with a lot of traffic. Mostly semis and farm equipment. No shoulders and where the shoulder does exist, the rumble strips go all the way across it. 55-65mph speed limit.

I don’t know of any alternatives in the area aside from going back to I-94 but if I did the Northern Tier again I wouldn’t ride this stretch.

Jason, the guy who runs the Honey Hub in Gackle, has been tryin to get the state to improve 46. There was a cyclist fatality west (I believe) of Gackle on 46 several years ago.

Also, the 12(?) mile stretch of I-94 east of Glen Ullin has rumble strips that go almost all the way across the shoulder. There’s a narrow 6-12” strip you have to ride. I would also look for an alternative route here.
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