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A 4-mile stretch of US 50 between Cimarron and Sapinero will be undergoing major construction until November 2022. There will be significant traffic impacts. During the weekdays, the roadway will be open for single-lane, alternating traffic. Parts of the roadway will be reduced to dirt and gravel. Expect long wait times, and note that the area of construction is in a remote area with no nearby services. The construction zone will be fully open to two-way traffic on the weekends (5:30 PM Friday to 8:30 AM Monday), although traffic will be higher. There are no detours around the construction zone less than 100 miles. The contractor hasn't made any accommodations for bicyclists, so we recommend asking a pickup truck driver if you can get a ride by putting your bike in the pickup bed. See  and for more information.
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When we went through here eastbound in late June, one of the subcontractors had a pickup-truck shuttle for cyclists during the times it was open to traffic but not bikes. He was driving back and forth, picking up cyclists both ways, and was a font of knowledge about the project. At the roadblock about 8 miles West, approaching the construction from Montrose, a contractor and highway-patrol officer let us know there was a shuttle and they called ahead. We got there at 11:30 for the 12:30-1:30 crossing time. So if you plan ahead, not a major delay.