Author Topic: In tribute & thx 2 those who gave their all in defense of freedom this wkend....  (Read 2005 times)

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Thanks to those men and women who defended our freedoms in the USA.

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Memorial Day was legislated a national holiday by the Grand Army of the Republic. They were Union veterans of the civil war. From the army, navy, marines and cutter service (coast guard) they numbered about 409,000 in membership at their height of power. They established veterans benefits and pensions, and post-service care for disabled soldiers. They built hospitals, soldiers' and sailors' homes, and soldiers' orphans' schools.The GAR was the most powerful organization in the country, at times exceeding the power and influence of the central government. For a long time no republican candidate could become president without the endorsement of the GAR.

My grandfather had an uncle, General John Peter Shindel Gobin. He was United States commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was a lawyer, and civil war general. He was state senator and lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. He was major general commanding the Pennsylvania National Guard. As a 33rd degree Mason he presided over the annual encampment of Knights Templar four consecutive years for all of north America. He was commander of the third brigade of the PNG in the labor troubles and riots in the coal mining districts and railroad strikes.

Another person of that family was a member of the Century Wheelmen. It was a cycling organization. It was a long time ago.