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Routes in Baja California Sur
« on: May 12, 2021, 07:37:40 pm »
I am planning a trip for next summer from Prudhoe Bay to Cabo San Lucas.  I have most of the route planned.  However, for my last segment, La Paz to Cabo I have two options.  I can take Mex 1 or Mex 19. 

Mex 1 is two lane and hillier but has little shoulder but mostly has little traffic until you get near the end.  However, when traffic picks, that won't make the last 30km not all that fun.  Mex 19 is a divided 4-lane with shoulder and is flatter but has a lot more traffic. 

For those that have ridden to Cabo San Lucas, which route did you take, why did you take that route, and what are your thoughts on the routes above?

Tailwinds, John

Tailwinds, John