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SEEKING Riding Partner: Hungary-Slovakia-Poland
« on: July 24, 2021, 11:38:48 am »
URGENT NEED: Riding partner to travel beautiful, HILLY route Budapest, Hungary through Slovakia to southern Poland. NOT for the faint of heart. The route will be demanding, the pace not so. Plan to depart Budapest first week of AUGUST, 2021. Route should take 7 -10 days. Can you say, "ADVENTURE"? If you thrive on it, then by all means, respond!

I am 62 years old male. Normally I ride a Surly LHT (real touring bike), ...but for this trip I will be traveling on a carbon fiber racing bike carrying MINIMAL gear (clothing ONLY, NO sleeping bag). I will be overnight at pensions. This is not my first tour, but now I am not as fast as I used to be. This is my first time to leave the Surly at home. Wise? I'll find out.

Route will be on out-of-the-way roads, avoiding traffic, seeking to enjoy the scenery, small towns and quiet. I will send you the exact route to those who respond. It'll be a memorial trip! (I plan to go alone even if no one responds.) The company would be nice.

My end goal is Odrzykon, Poland (Galicia) where I will do genealogical research on my maternal great-grandparents.

Yes, this is short notice -- but, who knows?!
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