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There's a nice gravel ride near my home ruined by a pack of aggressive dogs that will run you off the bike against a bramble hedge until their redneck owner calls them off.  He calls them home but doesn't exactly discourage them.
Another roadbike ride nearby is universally avoided because the owner will run after and intimidate bikers in his car if someone sprays his aggressive dogs with water.
If I rode that road, I would tell the owner one time to get their dogs under control or the animal control would be called.  I would warn him that something like the 3rd call and the dogs are gone due to being a "continued menace".  And I would tell him that if he ever tries to intimidate me again I would give the video evidence to the police and press charges.  And I would follow through on both if need be.  To me, this case (and most cases) are usually about the owner not exerting control and/or the owner being a bully.  I feel sorry for the dogs because they are basically trained/not trained to do something. Obviously, feral dogs are another matter.  We would call animal control if the dogs attacked.

After several severe accidents (riders hospitalized) with dogs in our county, the bike clubs doesn't hesitate to call animal control and/or the sheriff and file complaints.  Usually, after the first complaint, the owner ensures the dog is fenced in and the owner doesn't try to pull that stuff anymore. Plus, in our county the owners are liable and once warned are really on the hook financially.