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android app that gives turn by turn voice commands


I am looking for an app to put on my android watch that gives turn by turn directions that can be heard as well as seen on my watch. 
thank you.

Unicycle Mike

ray b:
Have you tried the latest android version of Ride with GPS? (Just had a great century ride with a nice voice in my ear bud to tell me where to turn, and some nasty tones to let me know when I wasn't listening.)
Do you use your watch as a standalone?
Do you use the phone to talk to your watch?
Does your watch talk to your ear bud(s) or blue tooth speaker?
Do you prefer the watch due to lack of handlebars on a unicycle?

It is a stand alone watch that I use with my bluetooth earbuds.  It is essentially my phone.  Thanks for the info.

Unicycle Mike

I would like to understand what kind of watch you have and whether it has a clean android to advise something.
For example, I have a watch with a special android shell and not all apps are available.


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