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Sorry, but don't know the exact map number, but there is apparently a bridge on the D&R Feeder Canal path at the north end of Lambertville, NJ that was taken out by the flooding caused by Ida.  The detour is simple.

Heading south, just after the U.S. 202 overpass you usually make a left then quick rights to stay on the trail.  Cannot make that right anymore. (There was a trail closure sign when I was there late last month, and a local told me about the missing bridge.) Instead of making the right, continue straight through the parking lot to NJ 29. Make a right onto NJ 29, the first right onto Cherry St then a left at the T onto N. Union St.  The first traffic light you will come to is Bridge St.  Make a right and that will take you to the bridge to New Hope, PA.  Cherry and N. Union are generally quiet, safe riding.

Also, to the extent you are considering deviating from the route at Phillipsburg, NJ, by crossing into Easton, PA, and taking the D&L Trail south, don't.  At least not any time soon.  Stay on the nice roads on the NJ side of the river. Flooding from Ida caused extensive damage in places.  In one or two places some two feet of trail surface was washed away, leaving exposed rocks.  Had to walk the bike in numerous places, and the footing was bad.  There were also a couple of downed trees.  Don't know if they have been removed yet.  Then, maybe a mile north of Upper Black Eddy, PA, a vary large section of the trail is gone.  I confronted a chasm some 50'+ long and probably 15'+ deep.  It does not look like it is something that can/will be repaired any time soon. The only workaround for this spot is to backtrack a bit, go out to PA 32 and riding that to the bridge to Upper Black Eddy and the bridge to Milford, NJ.  PA 32 is a road you want to avoid, especially on weekends.

You can still access Dogwood Haven Campground from the D&L between Canal Ln. and Lodi Hill Road, but south of that point there was another trail closure sign and some heavy machinery blocking the trail.
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Re: Atlantic Coast, Section 2, Lambertville, NJ
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Thanks for the update. That area always gets hit hard from hurricanes and the flooding. Takes years for the Delaware Canal State Park Pa. to repair it.

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Re: Atlantic Coast, Section 2, Lambertville, NJ
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The D&L, where not flood damaged, was poorly maintained in many places. Lots of high growth. I got off at Riegelsville, NJ, and walked across the bridge to NJ to get back on the official route to Milford. About a half a mile later a cyclist came down the hill and told me the road was blocked by a downed wire. Had to turn back, go back into PA and get back on the D&L. Most frustrating. Oh well. Got some good pizza when I finally made it to Milford and had a nice night at Dogwood Haven. The owner of the campground is a really nice guy. $15 for cyclists. Unheard of in that area. Later that evening two touring cyclists heading north showed up. I gave them good intel.