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Re: A weighty question
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I plan on using both, a GPS and maps because that seems to be the conventional wisdom from others I've talked to here, on other forums, as well as face to face. 

I didn't have time to read all the responses so maybe this has been addressed, but if the bulk of carrying double sided map stack is too much, then have you considered putting two pages on each side, so that would be 4 pages of maps on one sheet?

I was looking at those maps and they don't seem near as good as the ones you buy from Adventure Cycling, maybe that's something to consider? unless those downloadable maps cover areas that the AC does not, but they have very little information.

I still have 2 years before I go, so I haven't purchased a GPS only because I'm hoping a better one will come along during that time period that isn't really expensive, with a long battery life, and one that does not have to be Bluetoothed to my phone.
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