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Hi there!
I have never been bicycling in the USA, but I want to start planning to bicycling in the USA.
I want to bike thru the state of IOWA. East to west or, west to east.
So, I am interested in your experience from biking in IOWA ( and USA).
For exampel,, which kind of roads is prefferable? Where can you camp with your tents? Campinggrounds are they common?
Which is the best time of the year to bicycle in Iowa? (no need to bike during the peaking turist season. Less tourist= More pleasure!=)
Thanks in advance,

Henrik -

Not sure where you are from or your experience level.
".nu" indicates you are from Niue in Polynesia or, perhaps, New Zealand.

The usual cycling season for Iowa is about 6 months from mid-April to mid-October.
April & May can be cool and quite rainy - with big storms. Remember Dorothy in neighboring Kansas?
September & October can be delightful, getting chillier at night in October, but dry and crisp.
Mid-summer is usually pretty hot and humid, seriously sweaty cycling. But that's when most people ride.

Despite what people might think, Iowa is not flat.
The southern half of the state is hillier than the north.
The western third of the state has roller-coaster hills, one after another.
And there are steep bluffs along the Mississippi River.

Nearly every county has nice, county parks with not very many campers.
Type in the county name + "conservation". For ex. - "Poweshiek County Conservation".
You will be surprised how many options there are. Plus there are numerous state parks.

Winds are usually southerly in the summer, so either direction is fine.
I usually ride west to east, but I have gone both ways.
The Missouri River doesn't offer as many scenic points as the Mississippi.

There are a number of rail trails - mostly county operated - so they don't interconnect.
Also, most counties have lower traffic county roads - paved & unpaved.
I would avoid most state and US highways. Iowa highways generally do not have shoulders.

There is a state cycling map -

I really like to end my trip across Iowa in Davenport/Rock Island
because of the Riverside Trail right along the Mississippi RIver.

But there are so many options. Have fun!

Pic - Riverside Trail with Centennial Bridge, Davenport, Iowa
Hi jamawani!
Thanks for your text. I will gladely read it!
I am from Swede.
My bicycle trips has been in Europe, and offcourse Sweden. All trips has been during summertime.

(nu  = the swedish word for "now", " right now")

ray b:
If I were new to cycling in the US and I wanted to start in Iowa, I would start with the 49th annual Register's (a newspaper) annual grea ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI), 23- 30 July 2022.
They cap the number of riders at 10,000, but there is no lottery this year, and I suspect if they already have reached their limit on applicants, you could ask them to make an exception as you are travelling from outside the country.

Great way to meet riders from around the US and collect ideas on what next to do on your tour. 

John Nettles:
You don't say when you want to ride across Iowa but if you are in Iowa July 23-30, 2022, an annual cross-state bicycle ride called RAGBRAI ( ) takes place. 

RAGBRAI officially has around 10,000 riders.  However, there are up to another 10,000 riders that tag along for around 20k people total.  It is crazy.  This ride has been going on since around the mid-1970s. This is a very unique ride.  A lot of the riders ride in costumes, have their gear carried for them, etc.  The ride basically takes over most towns they ride through as the number of riders typically greatly outnumber the population of the town. 

The best thing about this ride is that almost all the roads are closed to non-official vehicular traffic.  Another thing (both good and bad) is that due to the great number of riders, you can almost guarantee you will always see someone riding.  The bad thing is that sometimes the lines for services (food, restrooms, showers, etc.) can be long.  There are usually lots of opportunities for food and riders can always go "corn hunting" in the cornfields if they need to use the restroom. 

Note that you do NOT need to register to ride it.  A number of riders (say around 100) called "Baggers" ride fully loaded.  Some Baggers ride the route the day in advance of the official day, others the day of with everyone else, and still others do it the day after. The days before and after do not have closed roads.

I have ridden it twice, once in 1980 and again in 2010(?).  I enjoyed the earlier one better due to the smaller crowds (around 3500) but the 2010 was fun too because of the crowds (around 20k). 

A final note.  Iowa is NOT flat.  However, they do have a relatively large number of rail trails. The adjoining state of Wisconsin is another great state to ride in.  I personally think Wisconsin is better that Iowa.

Whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful tour of the USA!

Tailwinds, John


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