Author Topic: TransAm #5 maps 47-48 Yellowstone National Park Road Construction March 2022  (Read 1723 times)

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A major repaving project in Yellowstone Nationa Park is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2022 and last through the 2023 season.
It impacts Trans America Trail on the Grand Loop Road between West Thumb and Old Faithful.

In the past, when there is road construction the pilot truck usually takes cyclists thru the construction section.
If the construction section is short and the roadbed not seriously affected, they sometimes let you ride thru.


Then again, 2022 & 2023 might be good years to take the longer loop via Lake, Canyon, and Norris.
Riding along the lakeshore of Yellowstone Lake is magical.
The Hayden Valley between Lake and Canyon is the Serengeti of America.
And the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers super day and overnight hikes.

Just sayin'.

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Re: Yellowstone Construction on the TransAm
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And the Lewis River Bridge -
between the South Entrance and West Thumb - will have delays, too.
Southbound you are flying, but northbound is a tough slog.
The bridge, unfortunately, is after most of the northbound climb.
Still, if southbound traffic comes in clumps it may offer one advantage.
It will allow northbound cars to pass you more easily when there is no southbound traffic.
When there is southbound traffic, just pull off and take a rest.