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Re: TAT and mental health
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Re the advice about cutting the trip short:
I have reframed this trip as “see how far I can get in under 90 days” rather than having the added pressure of “I must get coast to coast in that time”. When time is a constraint it can often trigger insomnia.
Sounds like a good idea.  90 days is a generous time allotment so chances of finishing are pretty good even if you take it easy, but it will be a great experience going part way as well.  Not having the pressure of needing to make the coast probably increases your chances of doing it.  Lots of great scenery and interesting people along the way will make it worthwhile regardless of how far you ride.

That said some folks ride to Pueble or so and come back another year to do the rest if they really do want to complete it and going all in one go doesn't work.

I hope you have a great trip.