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Really struggling with what's for most very simple and straightforward stuff

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New Jawn:
I received a Garmin Edge Explore as a gift, and I'm very grateful for it, but I've no clue how to use it and it's been a huge struggle to learn the basics. 

All that said, I'm trying to "export" maps from the easternexpressroute dot com to my Garmin.  It is my understanding that "FIT"files work well with my Garmin.  The first prompt when trying to 'export' is do I want "notify before turn" and, if I do, then I have to upgrade/pay RideWithGPS for that service. 

Question 1: So, is the $80/yr. "Premium" for RideWithGPS worth it?  I know it's in the eyes of the beholder, but is that a common purchase for novice riders?  When decent weather returns, I also want to do rides in Michigan's UP and, if at all possible, Newfoundland and Labrador.  So I'm thinking that RideWithGPS would be a good thing to have? 

Question 2: The EasternExpressRoute website says that, beginning Jan. 2022, the site will be taken over by ACA.  I'm a member of ACA, so it's a bit puzzling that ACA maps would be provided through RideWithGPS, for which I have to pay an additional fee to get 'notify by turn' service.  Am I missing the obvious?

I am doing the same route and have used the provided RWGPS routes and modified them with the RWGPS route planner. I paid for the Premium Service and I am glad that I did. When you figure what the overall trip will cost the price seemed worth it. Once in the application all you need to do is pull down settings on the drop down in the right side of the banner. From there select Connected Services and select Garmin Connect. From here you can link the software directly to your Garmin device through the account you used to register your GPS over at Garmin.

Once this is done you can simply "PIN" the routes (in the Gray Box upper left) once you have a route open. "Pinning" a route will automatically load it onto your GPS device the next time it powers on and connects to a satellite.

I have a 1030 Plus, but I am assuming all recent models will act pretty much the same way with the software.

As far as ACA taking over the route, I would not expect to see their version of maps and routes out this year since it has not been "Officially" announced as a new route to my knowledge. The new route they just released was months between the announcement and route availability.

New Jawn:
Mr. HikeBikeCook,
Thanks for the reply.  From what you wrote, I will join RWGPS.  Just reading through their Help page, I think that I'll be able to handle the basics.

I would like to install all of the Eastern Express maps and then the TransAmerica maps from where it connects in Kansas through Pueblo, CO.  Do you think that my Garmin Edge Explore will have the memory to allow that?  (From Pueblo, I plan to bike to Colorado Springs (where my daughter lives) and stay there for 4-7 days to recover, do bike maintenance, and of course download the rest of the maps from Pueblo to Oregon, then rejoin again at Pueblo).

Do you use the FIT, GPX, or TCX map formats?  It seems that RWGPS recommends FIT.    If I read correctly, ACA files are in GPX, so would it be better to use GPX format throughout?

John Nelson:
Yes, RWGPS recommends FIT for Garmin, but I don't see much of a difference in how my Garmin functions depending on what file format I download to my Garmin.

Note that it's trivial to convert GPX files into FIT if you want. Just upload the GPX file to RWGPS and export a FIT. I can't explain what, if any, benefit there would be to doing that. Perhaps someone else knows.

Sometimes I have found searching on YouTube to be very helpful in learning about these things.


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