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Bike Route Network of New Jersey & The Jersey 500
« on: April 04, 2022, 02:25:04 pm »
     I have taken much time to develop a bike route network of the state of New Jersey.  There are 20 routes in all.  Some routes go across the state.  Some routes run mostly parallel to, with some crossings of key highways in New Jersey.  Some routes feature the Pine Barrens.  The routes that cover the state from Trenton and further north generally run in a southwest-northeast direction to minimize climbing over mountains.
     I have also prepared a single bike route called The Jersey 500 because it is 516 miles in length, without any repetitions.  The route zig-zags across the state.  It is broken down into 9 segments, based on the amount of mileage an experienced cyclist can comfortably ride in one day and the availability of motels.  Each segment ends at a motel.  The route starts in Belvidere, near the Delaware Water Gap;  and ends at the Cape May Lighthouse.
     I tried to use less-heavily used roads whenever possible.  I am confident that out-of-staters will be pleasantly surprised at the low traffic volumes encountered.  You will be amazed by a lot of the scenery, in this, the most densely-populated state in the US.
     You can reach me at
     Dan Rappoport, Princeton, New Jersey

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Re: Bike Route Network of New Jersey & The Jersey 500
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Links would be helpful.  Not willing to furnish my email address by sending you a message.

BT...Love Belvidere down to L'Ville. In fact, I have ridden from Port Jervis, NY, to L'Ville numerous times.