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connecting Parks, Peaks, and Prairies to North Lakes


I'll be traveling east on P,P, and P joining North Lakes in Minneapolis. Is there a convenient way to avoid going to the airport where North Lakes begins and where I suspect P,P, and P ends?

John Nettles:

Welcome to the ACA Forums.  While I am not absolutely positive, I believe the routes cross Godfrey Parkway ( ) and are only separated by less than a mile.  You should not need to go to the airport.

The PPP uses the bike path next to MN-55 while the NL uses the bike path next to W River Pkwy.   

Edit:  I just looked at the map again and you could connect to the two routes via a bike path near 27th Street or via 32nd Street which looks to be a residential road that is a designated city bike route.

Tailwinds, John

Thanks John. Looking for smiles myself!

This connection could not be any easier, barring any detours due to construction. You will be riding east through Minneapolis on the Midtown Greenway which extends to the Mississippi River, where you connect to the West River Parkway. There is no need to head south at Hiawatha Ave; the Greenway goes over it and continues to the Mississippi.

John Nettles:
It would be the same connector.  The NT and the NL share the same route for the 5-10 miles.  They separate at Grant, MN.

Tailwinds, John


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