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Idaho Hot Springs Route - Stanley to Galena


Steve from Idaho:
Greetings fellow cyclists - I'm planning to follow the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route from Stanley to Galena Lodge this summer.  i rode the northern route from McCall to Stanley last year and the southern route from McCall to Idaho City to Ketchum to Stanley two years ago.  We hit nasty weather at the Galena summit that year and ended up riding the highway to Stanley.  So I missed the actual gravel/mountain bike section from Galena summit to Stanley.  Would someone be willing to provide a brief description of this section?  How long did it take you?  Is it mostly gravel road or is there some trail riding near the summit?  I remember the route from the Galena Lodge to the summit being more of a rocky trail.  I liked this a lot but am comfortable riding single track on my mountain bike.  If part of Stanley to Galena route is more like trail riding, it would be helpful to know ahead of time, especially with loaded bikes.  Any details you care to share will be appreciated.  Thanks!

sorry for the late reply as you may be there now or have completed your ride but I can only speak of the old Toll road which I road in the opposite direction to you.  It's good you are going CW as it's ST and was not enjoyable going CCW

Steve from Idaho:
Hi!  thanks for the reply and not too late.  We leave at the end of August so still in the planning phase.  Still searching for info on the section from Stanley to Galena but no luck thus far.  I will definitely post our experience post-trip.  What downsides did you experience in riding the route CCW?  And what does ST mean in your response?

In 2020 I rode CCW from Ketchum.  After leaving Galena lodge I took the old toll rode which was pretty much "single track" and not that much fun going uphill (since it was ST it would have been much more fun descending rather than climbing/pushing)  I pushed a fair amount of it as I remember.  Once i got to the summit I stayed on the road (75) as opposed to staying on the official  IHSMBR. Once I got to FR220 I was back on the route and had a terrific descent into a beautiful meadow/valley where I camped for the night. Unfortunately I lost my tools on the descent so i was a bit worried about having a mechanical on the route so the next day I rode 75 into stanley. 

here is my route for the day


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