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Lewis & Clark Sec01 Road Closure 9/13/22
« on: September 13, 2022, 03:30:30 pm »
On LC 01 map #19, Western Ave. is closed between Bartlett and north of Percival due to two separate incidents related to flood damage and a vehicle accident. Local county officials claim that the road has been planned to re-open with a standard chip-seal surface, but progress is mired in bureaucracy between FEMA, the railroad, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Therefore the current timeframe for re-opening is indefinite. In the meantime, it is suggested to use the Hamburg Option alternate routing to the east. For cyclists who do not want to go all the way south into Hamburg, it has been reported that 155th St. west of Thurman can be used to cross back over, and the route is open to the south from there. See attached image below.

There is little info posted online regarding this closure. For updates, the Fremont Co. Secondary Roads department can be reached at 712-374-2613

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Re: Lewis & Clark Sec01 Road Closure 9/13/22
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Bluff Road is way more scenic.