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Wanted: Camping chair - packable

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Not many hosts answering requests this year so looking at lots of camping in the Sierra Cascade mountains.  Getting older and would sure enjoy sitting down in a chair in the evenings.

I've been using one of the bottom-of-the-line Crazy Creek chairs.  They weigh about a pound and can be rolled up for attaching to the bike.  I use a velcro strap to lock mine down in a roll.  Way less than $100 if you can't fine something used on this forum.

Thanks, Mr. Bent:
I gave up waiting and bought a cheapo online that comes in a soft case.  Tried it out last night and it feels good.  I'll get some reading done for sure.  It's a few pounds heavier than yours but I travel heavy and don't worry about weight.

Dude, that's DEEEELUX!  Hah.  Re. weight:  My wife and I bike tour with our dog, so a few pounds here and there are no biggie for regular bike tourers.  Enjoy.  Time in camp will be so much better.

Jack ~ Like the little discs on the feet that'll keep the legs from sinking into dirt that might sometimes be a little soft.
Going to look at again ... I just might end up purchasing one just like yours.
Wish you great touring, relaxing at camps & good reading : ).


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