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Hi all,

Back with another NT question! I have started booking my first couple of campgrounds and have already hit a snag. I knew weekends were going to be a problem, but there's nothing available for the weekend at any of the campgrounds I can find around Rockport/Diablo (Colonial Creek North and South) and no hotels or Warm Showers hosts I can locate. I assume this has been an increasing challenge as camping's popularity has spiked over the last couple of years. What are other folks doing in this area, and any suggestions? Is anyone staying in Colonial Creek that weekend and interested in sharing a site?


I haven't done the NT so I can't provide local knowledge.  I hope someone else will.

I have had the ranger make space for me in a flat spot at a full campground in a Washington State Park.  Hard to count on it though.  My fall back plan was pressing on for a VERY long day, going out of my way to hit a motel that was off route quite a way, or wild camping down the road a bit in that case.

Where there are small towns in the west I generally manage to find a spot where I can camp in town with no need for stealth.

I have had to plan either very long or short days in some places to have a spot to camp especially in the desert.  Usually where there is water something is possible.  Worst case I'll stealth camp, but I seldom have had to resort to stealth, while wild camping in plain sight I do often.

Thank you! I'm female and solo and would prefer not to stealth or wild camp--I've tried it before and spent the whole night feeling on edge. It looks like the WA state parks have a no-turn-away policy for hikers and bikers, but Colonial Creek is national. 

In our service directory it says the Colonial Campground has hiker/biker sites. You should call to confirm (206) 386-4495 or 854-7200, but I don't think you can reserve a hiker/biker site. We do try to note the campgrounds that have hiker/biker sites.

Carla, thanks so much, and my apologies for missing that! I did call 854-7200, and I have also emailed. I'll try the other number as well. Really appreciate the note.


Update: I took a look at the service directory and don't see that designation for Colonial Creek. I'm on the paper map 2017 version, and I do see that the GPX data for Section 1 has been updated (just downloaded it), so maybe it is there?

Update 2: Yep, found it online in the updates to Section 1. Good reminder to me to check there!


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