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Adirondack Park Loop Cycling Route - What Is Total Climb Recorded On The Ride???

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Craig Matis:
To anyone who has biked the Adirondack Park Loop.  What was your total elevation gain (climb) and mileage for the entire trip?  The ACA website shows a total climb of 23,835' counterclockwise and 23,890' clockwise.  When I lay the ride out with Google Maps the total climb is only about 15,000'.  That is a huge difference.  Thanks very much for any information you can provide.

I got 22,673 and I think my gps was not on 100% of the ride.

Never trust Google for anything important to do with a bike.

Craig Matis:
Thank you for the input!  As I drive deeper into bike touring I am finding Goggle, Garmin, and other ride planning and tracking systems all have their flaws and errors.  Thanks again.

I have a bit of time so I'll add to my anti Google comment.
Elevation info is notoriously inaccurate for reasons that I am not qualified to explain but most are perfectly adequate for a bike tourist's needs. A GPS device recording a ride will usually have a different elevation gain than a phone in your pocket recording the same ride. And your buddy with a different GPS device will have different numbers again. Mapping elevation is complex and difficult, recording it is variable.

I apply an 80:20 rule to Google Maps & Google Translate: 80% of the time it does what you want but 20% of the time it will get you in real trouble. Sometimes they are bad odds.

On elevation I have found the gradient information to be as important as the total elevation gain. It helps to know what a 2/4/8/12% gradient feels like.
The other day I had a 25km leg to finish my day with a little over 200 meters of altitude gain. With 10km to go I still had 200m to climb and with 5km to go I had 180m to climb. In fact, the last 2km was all downhill!

I use Osmand (an app) as my backup/emergency planner. One of its many features is pretty accurate elevation and gradient information. For each ride it will tell me how many Kms 0-4%, 4-8% etc. It's far from perfect but tends to overstate rather than understate and since it works offline can be taken out at anytime to check and compare alternatives.

Hope this helps


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