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cyclist friendly hotel near JFK ?

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Dear All, I am new to this forum, so I hope I will "behave" in the right manner:
I am planning a longer cycling tour through the US next year which I want to start in New York. Would anyone here be aware of a bicycle/cyclist friendly hotel near JFK airport for the first 1 or 2 nights in the US ?
After an 8-hour flight from Europe combined with a 6-hour jetlag, I suppose I will want to get directly to a hotel close by the airport.
So would anyone by chance know of a friendly hotel where I could accommodate also safely a bicycle (does not have to be in the hotel-room - if it is allowed in the lobby I am fine :D). Thanks a lot for any recommendations !

Actually I would have a similar question about Chicago  :) - only there it is without jetlag and without 8hour-flight. If I ever make it to Chicago.

ray b:
Is your bike in a box or will it travel the old-fashion way, in a plastic bag and fully assembled?

If in a box, will you assemble your bike at the airport? Or, would you consider a hotel with a free shuttle, and assemble your rig in a hotel room? (Most hotels near the airport will not notice your bike either in or out of a box, but not all shuttle buses can accommodate a fully assembled and loaded bike.)

I know of no hotels that are bike-friendly to the extent they have a community build-up stand in the basement - though I would love to be corrected by someone more up to date than I.

I prefer assembly at the airport; the first day of a trip, I'm always anxious to get on the road and put in a few miles - jet lag or no. That opens up quite a few options on which others should comment.

(Don't miss the iconic Brooklyn Bridge ride into Manhattan - well recently updated to less than iconic. Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge are good alternatives.)

Thanks a lot for the hints !

I was thinking of a box, and my original idea was assembly at the airport and then taking the airport-train. Meanwhile I read that keeping it boxed might simplify taking it into the hotel.

As I will still have to take care about some equipment after arrival (most of all fuel for the stove), I thought of staying 1 or 2 days. Also I am not sure whether it would be a good idea (in the mentioned condition) to ride directly into New York - although when I do it finally, I will take the Brooklyn Bridge for sure, after all that is one of the reasons to start in New York !

ray b:
Have fun.

NY is just another big city.... I lived there for a while, and still enjoy riding around. If you haven't seen the town by bicycle, and if you have the time and money, you might want to spend a few days to shed the jet lag and explore.

Unless you plan to save money and join the homeless, "urban campers" at one of their "campsites" around the city, there is little reason to load up with fuel until you are out of the city.

If you decide to go into Manhattan, there's a big (really big) REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) co-operative store not too far from any of the bridges mentioned. Take your bike inside. They'll have fuel cartridges and liquid fuel. If you go, try not to leave any room in your panniers for all the stuff for which you suddenly find a use..., but will regret buying on that first really big hill.

If you don't have much time, you can stop at REI (which also has a shop that can take a quick look at your bike, if there are any questions), run north through Central Park, and then cut west to the Hudson River Greenway and take that north to the George Washington Bridge to cross into NJ and the rest of the country.

Thanks a lot for the advice !

--- Quote from: ray b on June 03, 2022, 04:01:03 pm ---NY is just another big city....

--- End quote ---
This is just the reason why I do not want to cycle directly into Manhatten after arriving ...  :)

My plan was to follow the ACA route to Chicago via the (southern) Philadelphia alternative - maybe putting in a few extra days and including Washington DC. So, a lot of thanks for the travel-advice, but I suppose I will take the ferry to Highlands. Or would your route suggestion also be valid for the Philadelphia alternative ?

I will certainly look into the REI in Manhatten (I know it is dangerous, but I think I will be able to control it ...  ;D) - I had thought of the one on Long Island in the vicinity of the Jamaica station.



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