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Pre-Built wheel with dynamo for Trek 520

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Ingo Tophoven:
Hey there. I am leaving on June 20th to finish the TransAmerica I started with my son in 2020. I really would like a prebuilt wheel with dynamo for my 2015 Trek 520, since building one is not possible in such a short time. (Don't ask why I did not do this way before). Any ideas where to best get such a pre-built wheel with a dynamo already in it so my local bike shop can just put it on? I prefer not to use Amazon (did not see anything there).

ray b:
If you haven't done so, the first place to check is your local shop. They can source things far more efficiently than we can, and a custom wheel build is only a couple hours of shop time.

Ingo Tophoven:
Thank you, Ray!

ray b:
..if you haven't done so, you might post this in the Want to buy section of the forum.

Agree with always starting with your LBS. A quick glance at Ebay found a few wheels for sale.


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