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The Southern Loop in Yellowstone National Park will reopen on Wed., June 22.
The Northern Looop will remained closed due to flood damage.

While this may appear to allow for access on both the TA and PPP route,
most campgrounds will remain closed.

For both the TA and the PPP, Madison Campground is closed still.
Many riders use Madison eastbounf and westbound -
Because West Yellowstone is so expensive and
because national forest campgrounds have no hiker/biker provisions
and are often filled early in the day.

For PPP riders, both Norris and Canyon will remain closed.
This will require a detour via Old Faithful and West Thumb.

From/to West Yellowstone, Grant Village is the closest open campground. (47 mi.)
Remember, campgrounds outside Yellowstone and Grand Teton
will be packed this year - filled by early to mid morning.
Reservations are essential at NFS campgrounds - unless you think you can beg.
National Forests in Greater Yellowstone have dispersed camping bans.
Not to mention this issue of safe food storage in Grizzly country.

If you are lanning on riding throug Yellowstone this summer -
it will require careful planning and some long days.

Buena suerte!

It sounds like a tough situation for touring there this year, certainly much worse than usual.  What do you think the likely detour will be?  I see that the Trans America racers who weren't through in time were routed through to the south (  It is a longer route that looks like it would at least have great views of the tetons, possibly with some modification at the tetons.

I am not riding there this year and probably won't for a few years, but do plan to ride the TA again in 2026 if I remain healthy.  I worry whether we will be allowed to ride through the park at all by then or not.

For those trying to get through this year...  I have managed to find folks in NF sites in similar places willing to share their site when the sites were all full, but it is risky to rely on that.  I have been lucky and the times I have needed help some kind soul has always shared.  I remember a stay somewhere around SEKI that they practically adopted us.  They had so much food, gallons of whisky sours, games, and so on.  They treated us like family.  Normally we would just find a little corner of the site and try to quietly stay out of the way, but they would have no part of that.

Once the park is reopened, any TransAm or Parks, Peaks, and Prairies cyclists will be able to follow their route through the Park, though there will likely be more traffic on the roads.

Pat Lamb:
I'm not trying to be quarrelsome, but I don't understand why the PPP route needs to detour through Jackson.  According to the text at the east entrance seems to be open, although the map shows some "impacts" on the east entrance.  Why couldn't cyclists go from Grant Village up past Lake and out to Cody?

Pat, you are correct, they can. I'll delete the Parks, Peaks, and Prairies information from my previous post.


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