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Hello all,
I'm planning to begin the divide route 7/8/22 and trying to gather updates on route closures that may have occurred during recent floods and heavy snow in Montana.  Any updates from this forum are appreciated.

There is a road closure due to flooding north of Whitefish, MT that we just heard about. It might be open by the time you reach Eureka, but you should check about it. Go to this website:

For other road closures and detours on the Great Divide see the Forums under the Temporary ACA Route Road Closures discussion here:
Presently, there are still National Forest wildfire closures throughout New Mexico which began last month. When we find out that the forests have opened it will be mentioned in those posts.

Also, have you reviewed the online map updates and corrections pages for the GD? I know that on section 1, map B there is a detour shown around some logging activity. You should check these pages before you go.


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