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Bicycle pump that works as advertised.

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I have been to three bicycles stores and three Walmarts. I cannot find a bicycle pump that will go to 90 PSI, regardless of the advertising. The stated PSI on the pumps is misleading. Does anybody know about a decent quality hand pump that will go to 90 PSI easily? When I buy a pump and it says it goes to 160 PSI, and then it will not even go to 80 in reality, I know I'm being led on just to buy something that does not work. I have returned three pumps. I go into bicycle shops and they have the same junk in there just more expensive.

Tandem Tom:
I work in a bike shop and often use our pumps, Giant Brand, to get tires up to 120psi with no problem.

If you are asking about portable pumps (you don't specify), I can get to 85 psi with my Road Morph G with no problem.  I am confident it would get to 90 psi.

Any of the Lezyne models. the appropriate road Morph or Mountain Morph for the tire size, lots of others by Blackburn, Zefal and so on.  I have found Lezyne especially high quality.

I'm thinking along the lines of bicycle touring. That would mean a handheld pump or a smaller stand up pump. The pumps I'm talking about above are three stand-up pumps and one handheld pump. The handheld was Blackburn. It said it went up to something like 130. It went to 60 and the air leaked out around the handle and everything deflated. The stand-up pumps had high PSI numbers on their gauges but there was no way to get anywhere near that pressure. I have scene of the road morph in advertising. I did not order it online because I thought it would be another junker. Not not that all those pumps are nothing but junk. They do go to 60 or 75 lb and that would get somebody home from a puncture and a repair. The thing is when your bicycle touring you need full pressure from whatever pump you have on hand. Okay so I will look at the the pumps that you all mention. I mean I have seen these advertised looking online but I just figured it well maybe they would be the same thing. They might say $130 PSI and you can only get it to 70 or something like that. Okay so you're so okay to 85 and 90. That's what I'm looking for. They used to sell these cheap little pumps made of aluminum. It was just a simple aluminum tube with a plunger and a handle. At one end was a fitting for a hose. The hose had a screw on head. They cost $7 or $8. They work just fine all the way up to 90 with no problem. I don't understand where these much larger stand-up pumps cannot do that. Okay thanks for the information.


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