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Need 90 PSI bicycle pump, a legitimate 90 PSI.

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I have been buying bicycle pumps and returning them for some time now. For some reason they advertise a PSI rating that is not possible to achieve. Does anybody know of any kind of handheld bicycle pump that will go up to 90 PSI easily. The bicycle shops and Walmart all sell the same junk. One pump said it went to 160 PSI. It would barely get up to 75 or 80 and that was all. Another said 100 PSI. That would not go beyond 75. Another said $130 PSI. At most that would go to 75 or 80. I do not understand this. Another thing I notice. They refuse to make available those hand pumps that really do go up to 90 PSI. I used to use them all the time. They cost about eight or nine dollars they were made of aluminum. They had a little hose on the end with a head that screwed onto the valve. It was easy enough to get 90 PSI out of those. They have flooded the market with lousy equipment and what they're saying is that you have to buy this or you do not get a pump at all. That sucks. In all my years of bicycle touring I have never encountered anything like this. And it's the same everywhere you go or at least everywhere I have gone. Does anybody know of a pump anywhere a handheld pump that would be good for touring that would easily go to 90 PSI?

Silca Tattico

I was very impressed with my friend's old school Zefal pump. It was easily twice as good a my new short and slightly fat pump.  The Zefal is long and skinny- the narrow diameter keeps the force required for higher pressures down.  As a bonus, the Zefal mounts easily under the top tube of most bikes.  Reminds me- I need to pick one up!

If you are looking for a new on-bike pump, the Silca pumps are rock solid. I've had a Tattico for a couple of years now and it's replaced all of my mediocre (compared to Tattico) mobile pumps. Now, I no longer run high pressures even on my road bikes (top out around 75psi), but the Tattico has been great across the board.
I believe it is rated to 100 psi. The guy who runs Silca is super responsive so I would recommend dropping him a line and asking him re 90psi. He also makes a roadie style frame pump that is longer but that is quite a bit more expensive than the Tattico (which, in the scheme of things, is reasonably priced iMO).

My wife and I use a Topeak Road Morph on our tandem. It does 120 psi without difficulty. It was easy to keep our tires topped up on the 2-week tour we just did.


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