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Pacific coast season

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I would like to know if is a good season to start in Vancouver or Seattle at beginning of August.
Thank-you very much

If you Google for average temperatures and rainfall for that time of year, you should get some telling information. That's what I do.

Sounds good to me.  The traffic gets a better after labor day when the RV traffic dies down, but It shouldn't be a huge deal unless you are particularly traffic sensitive.  There will likely be fog now and then that can blow in at any time of day.  I think that is true any tine of year.  Be sure to have some hi viz clothing and a blinkie light for those ocasions.

The Oregon and Northern California coasts are really beautiful.

John Nelson:
I started August 17, and finished September 17, and I thought that the weather was just about perfect. And it’s better not to get to Southern California before school starts.

Thanks to all!
I would like to leave the second week of August from Seattle or Vancouver, I was a little afraid of the high temperatures, but with @John's answer I am more reassured.


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