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Great Divide Sec. 1, map B - road closure 6/2022
« on: June 24, 2022, 02:07:44 pm »
There is a road closure in the Stillwater State Forest due to a road slump and landslide north of Whitefish, MT.
The southbound detour, at turn I, is to continue on the North Fork Rd. to Polebridge, then follow the North Fork Rd./SR 486 south to Columbia Falls when you will rejoin the route. You will not go over Red Meadow Pass.
UPDATE July 1, 2022:
The Lower Whitefish Road remains temporarily closed to facilitate safe working conditions for the work being performed on the reroute of the Upper Whitefish Road between the 7-mile marker and the Chicken gravel pit. Please respect this closure. Vehicles illegally bypassing the closures and accessing Lower Whitefish Road results in localized resource damage, increases safety concerns for contractors and the public, slows work progress, and delays the re-opening of the road systems.
The Upper Whitefish Road remains temporarily closed to all modes of travel for public safety. This closure begins at the 2-mile marker on the Upper Whitefish Road, due to a landslide and damaged road segment near the 7-mile.
Repairs to the Upper Whitefish Road are in progress. Unfortunately, unstable soils were found near the reroute which has lengthened the amount of time needed to reroute the road.  To allow road contractors safe and uninterrupted access to the rock pit and worksite, the Upper Whitefish Road closure has been extended, and will not re-open July 1. Please direct all inquiries to our main office at 406-881-2371.

UPDATE JUNE 20, 2022: 
The Stillwater Unit will be removing the road closure off the 900/Mount Marston Road accessed from Stryker, MT. The Upper Whitefish Road is open to the 2-mile intersection with Stryker Face Road but will remain closed past this point until an alternate route past the 7-mile slide can be determined. The Lower Whitefish Road is expected to be opened by Friday, June 24th or as soon as repairs to the road can be completed. The Upper Whitefish Lake Campground and access to Werner Peak Lookout remain closed at this time. Updates will be posted as conditions change. Please direct all inquiries to the Stillwater Unit main office at 406-881-2371.     

June 15, 2022: 
The Stillwater Unit has taken a precautionary measure and is closing all main open roads that access the main block of Stillwater State Forest.  This includes the Lower Whitefish Road accessed via East Lakeshore Dr. from Whitefish, Upper Whitefish Road accessed from Olney and the 900/Mount Marston Road accessed from Stryker, MT. This includes the Upper Whitefish Lake Campground. Gates/closures are in place and are signed notifying the public.  The closures will remain in effect until at least Monday, June 20. At that time, we will reassess the condition of the roads. Please direct all inquiries to our main office at 406-881-2371.

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Re: Great Divide Sec. 1, map B - road closure 6/2022
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The web site referenced on the 6/15/2022 post now indicates the road repairs are completed and the road is open as of 7/18/2022.