Author Topic: TransAmerica Section 4/Lewis & Clark Section 6 Major Wildfire Detour 9/2022  (Read 2216 times)

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The Trail Ridge Fire ( burning near Sula, Montana, is affecting the area around Lost Trail Pass and Chief Joseph Pass near the Idaho/Montana Border. US 93 and MT 43 are currently still open, but smoke is thick and the fire is expected to grow, which may shut down the highways in the next few days. The Gibbons Pass Alternate is closed.

We have created a significant 177-mile detour to avoid the fire. It begins in Missoula and ends in Twin Bridges, and includes some riding on I-90 near Clinton, and between Fairmont and Ramsay. Also use caution on SR 2 south of Butte. The road is narrow and windy. See a map of the detour here:
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Re: TransAmerica Section 4/Lewis & Clark Section 6 Major Wildfire Detour 9/2022
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I rode this route a few years ago with a slight detour that went from Exit 126 on I-90 south along scenic Rock Creek Rd. and then county roads into Philipsburg.  Even though Rock Creek Rd. has about 30 miles of decent gravel, I highly recommend this route if you would like a scenic river road with hardly any traffic.  I suggest you have 35mm or larger tires and practice bear protocol.

Here is the tracks:  Southbound:

If you would like the gpx files (not allowed to attach gpx files) which includes the route, tracks, and service waypoints, private message me.

Tailwinds, John