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Visiting MicroNations
« on: October 11, 2022, 10:31:09 am »
I just read a fun article about the "micronation" of the Republic of Molossia.
It seems this micronation is only a couple of miles off route of the Western Express near Dayton, NV, (east of Carson City).

I was wondering if anyone has visited Molossia and/or any micronation while on tour?  I think we should band together and start the Republic of Bikeopolis micronation. 

Note that I will start a tour tomorrow in search of the perfect land for Bikeopolis on my tour from Atlanta to Charleston so I will be offline for a couple of weeks or so. I suggest those interested nominate the Prime Minister, Secretary of Touring, Secretary of Bike Repairs, and other essential positions to get the wheel rolling on the formation of Bikeopolis.  Also, if anyone wants to donate the land that would be great since I don't think our yelling, water bottles, frame pumps, and Halt! will deter USA law enforcement if we attacked a piece of land currently occupied by the USA. Maybe we could convince someone like the late Cookie Lady to allow their land to be our micronation and make that person the Prime Minister since the land already has a connection to touring?

What laws should we enact?  No cars or just a speed limit of 10mph?  What about dogs.  Good dogs are fine but chasing dogs should be banned I would think.  Dare we delve into the thorny issues of disc vs. rim brakes, panniers vs. trailers, or ultimately defining key phrases like "self-supported touring", "bikepacking", etc. as we form the micronation or wait until we have matured as a nation somewhat?

We are at the age of a stupendously wonderful dawning new age for cycling!  Get the ideas rolling as we have all winter until the spring riding season is upon us to get this done since nothing will get accomplished if we are on tour.

Tailwinds, John (hopeful Minister of Researching Tour Routes)

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Re: Visiting MicroNations
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2022, 09:37:55 pm »
Great ideas all around.
Article notes 67 self-proclaimed micronations for the bucket list.

On a serious note, I recall George Hincapie looked hard at development of a bicycle-centered community (if not micronation) in the Greenville, NC area not too long ago. Maybe next year....
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