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Between Madrid and Eastview there is a very steep hilled part of the road that has many, large potholes and loose gravel/asphalt from attempts to fill various parts of the road. The "construction" is not well marked, there are no signs and few cone. There were no road crews when I went through Nov 5th. Use extreme caution going eastbound and proceed slowly downhill. The terrain is poor for <0.5miles and there are a couple of sharp turns made more difficult by the loose debris and very poor road conditions. Cyclists on road tires, beware. I am on gravel tires and was very happy to have them.
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Re: TransAmerica Map 10, Section 122/3 - Poor Road Conditions, 11/5/22
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I experienced the same challenges on this road section, on Map 122 between point D and the eastern matchline (on Oct 21, 2022). I have skinny tires and had to walk my bicycle in several places due to the severe wash-outs.

I just finished the TransAm, arriving in Yorktown on Friday. This was the most deteriorated stretch of pavement on the entire journey. I shared my concerns about the poor road conditions with the cartography team (probably should have posted here too!) and I know they're investigating alternatives.

The challenges were further complicated by 6 separate dog incidents on this short stretch, starting with a pair of loose Great Danes as I turned at Point D.

Enjoy the last few days/weeks on the TransAm, ERB (looks like you started just behind me)! BTW, the eastern part of Map 127 (east of point F) was one of my favorite parts of the entire TransAm with a beautiful one-lane country road and a canopy of fall-colored leaves, followed by a dedicated trail into Berea. I'm glad I didn't circumvent Kentucky, even though there were a few challenges.