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« on: January 15, 2023, 01:03:39 pm »
Hi all, can anyone recommend bike-friendly accommodations in Amsterdam (not too far from the airport)?  My wife and I our booking our round-trip flight from the U.S. to begin a bike tour in May, and we'd like to find a hotel to stay for the first couple nights to comfortably assemble our bikes and make all of our preparations.  We don’t want a hostel or a low-budget hotel, nor do we want an upscale high-rise.  Something in between.  We would be asking them to store our bike boxes for 3+ weeks.  Thank you. 

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not sure how acute your question still is:
It's been while since I was at Schiphol-Airport (and never by bike). There are several hotels in the vicinity and, as far as I remember, most of them have a shuttle-buses - similar to the larger airports in the US.
The Netherlands are the most bike-friendly country in Europe and the train starts directly from the airport - so you might want to consider going a bit further away from the airport, although with a boxed bike this might not be convenient.
Storing the bike-box at one of the larger hotels is probably not a problem - usually they have storage rooms, but they will probably not guarantee that the box is still there when you return.
I found this on the web
you might want to ask there, (some sort of dutch cycling association), maybe they can give you a hint.
Have fun !


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Thank you very much for the reply and the web site.  I plan on contacting some hotels this weekend and see what they say.  The trip is getting closer and we're excited. 

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Hi, try Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark (Hostelling International) :