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Atlantic Coast #2 Maps 22-23. Closure due to rockslide. Feb. 2023

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Southeast of Delaware Water Gap, PA, SR 611 is closed due to a rockslide and debris on the roadway. It is expected to be closed until August 2023. Here is a detour from Delaware Water Gap to Portland, PA.

At milepost 7 you pass the Columcille Megalith Park.

At milepost 6 you pass an Appalachian Trail crossing. There’s a leanto about 1 1/2 in on the south side.

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I passed through this area a week ago. I ignored the barrier and easily passed through the damaged section of road. There are no rocks in the road at all. The sidewall is severely degraded by apparent neglect. It is separated from the roadway by Jersey barriers.

Local folks say that the Park Service believes the road may erode if exposed to heavy vehicles but a cyclist or pedestrian seems unlikely to cause a catastrophic failure. In fact, the road surface in the closed section of road is in better shape than the Old Mine Road through the Gap.

Breaching the barrier on the south side requires unloading your bike and lifting your bike and gear over a Jersey barrier. On the north side, you can simply ride around the barrier.

Whether or not you wish to proceed through the closure or take the detour, Hickoery Lake Campground (near the detour) is a decent place to camp.  There is a tent-only area off in the woods and away from RV, etc., sites, with picnic tables and fire rings.  Rate was reasonable for that area. Stayed there years ago during October and found plenty of dead and downed wood to burn.  The showers/bathhouse are a bit of a hike, but there is a porta-pottie closer to the entrance to the tent area.

Thanks, Rootchopper and Bikelicious for that info. I didn’t have time to go through to check it out myself to see if was passible.

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