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Cycling Route JFK - Manhatten ?

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Dear All,

the first section of my bicycle adventure will be the ride from JFK Airport via Brooklyn Bridge to Manhatten. So I started looking on google maps and openstreetmap on possible (direct) routes and for streets which apparently have bicycle lanes. Does anyone have suggestions/advice on which streets to avoid at all costs ? Is it adviseable to take detours ? Always considering that I am an absolute New-York City newbie  :)

Thanks a lot in advance !

I would not recommend riding it. I would take mass transit to wherever you are going in Manhattan. See

Thanks Avrin, though not really the answer I was hoping for. Are your concerns more related to traffic or more to general safety/security ?

I don't know if there are surface roads leading from the terminals. I can't imagine weaving a loaded bicycle through loading and unloading cars at the terminals.  The highways around JFK would be a death trap by bike. I took the train from the airport, got off in Manhattan, and cycled the last leg home to Northern Manhattan. That was  years ago. Traffic is worse now.   

I lived in Manhattan years back and cycled NYC.
Never, even in my 20s, would I have considered riding out to JFK.

Take the AirTrain to Howard Beach connecting to NYC Subway A Train.

The A train goes to the High Street / Brooklyn Bridge Station -
where there is easy access to the Brooklyn Bridge promenade.
Yeah, it's worth biking over the Brooklyn Bridge.
(A Train in blue)

And Duke Ellington's famous "Take the A Train"

Pic - Google Map of High St. / Brooklyn Bridge Station area


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