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FS: 2008 Co-Motion Americano $1500 (asking price reduced)
« on: March 11, 2023, 03:15:31 pm »
2008 Co-Motion Americano Touring Bicycle High quality touring bike made in Oregon.  Shimano Flight Deck shifters with cycle computer.  Extra cycle computer, adjustable angle handlebar riser, Jandd front and rear racks--front rack not shown in photos, 3 bottle holders, Sella An-Atomica saddle. Extra parts:  fixed angle handlebar riser, Look pedals if you want them--Bike currently has Shimano SPD pedals.   Extra-cost options include a 48 spoke rear wheel with cassette, extra front wheel, Jandd front and rear panniers. COLOR: Lusty Red

One image shows a spec sheet for the 2008 Americano.  All of Co-Motion's bicycles were custom made at the time so the specs do not completely match those for this bicycle.  Size is different, shifters are different and a few other components are different, some because the bicycle was custom made with other components and some because of changes made by the original purchaser.

Now I can post images, but not all I want to post.
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