Author Topic: Excellent light-weight pump for bicycle touring.  (Read 3714 times)

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Excellent light-weight pump for bicycle touring.
« on: June 19, 2023, 08:59:35 pm »
The long search for an effective, light-weight, high pressure bicycle pump is over.  It is here.  The brand name is Lezyne.  The chrome colored one is high volume.  The black one is high pressure.  It is as light as a feather, not exactly but it is light.  You can tuck it in a pannier.  It has a long hose with a nozzle that screws onto the tire valve. The least expensive of three has no PSI gauge.  The next has a mechanical gauge.  The most expensive is the one with a digital gauge.  It pumps to 90 PSI in a jiffy.  Sure, you might have to lean on it some,  but so what.  You need extra strong Superman eyesight to read the microscopic numbers on the gauge.  Maybe an electron microscope would help. You know, one of those 300-meter-long scopes they use to look inside atoms and atomic particles. Once you discern your needed PSI mark, tape the line with a small piece of gorilla tape.  When you need air supply, pump till the red indicator gets to the tape.  The red indicator you can see as pressure increases.  When it disappears under the tape you got it.  It looks like it would not fit onto a presta valve.  It is good for schrader.  You need an adapter for presta valves.

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Re: Excellent light-weight pump for bicycle touring.
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Westinghouse, what's with the bold, large font on your posts?  Are you having trouble reading on your device of choice?

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Re: Excellent light-weight pump for bicycle touring.
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Come on - you can tell he's excited. Given all the moaning he's read in prior threads on pumps, he wants the forum to know, our troubles are over. No need to be disgruntled or dissatisfied.
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