Author Topic: Drivetrain setup for gravel/bikepacking/commuting on Specialized Diverge  (Read 3623 times)

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I have a 2016 Specialized Diverge A1 that I want to upgrade the drivetrain for gravel, bikepacking, and commuting purposes. Right now the bike has a Shimano Claris 50/34T crank and 8-speed 11-34t cassette. I need much bigger gears for the climbing I'd like to do. I'd prefer at least an 11-40t cassette but the bigger the better. I'm not opposed to running a 1x if it's at least a 10-speed, but I'd rather have a 2x because part of my 18 mile commute is on a flat paved road. I'd also like to have integrated shifters. I was considering copying the drivetrain setup from the Cannondale Topstone 4, but I don't know enough about components to know if there is a better way. If anyone has any suggestions it would be a huge help. Thanks!

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The Claris can handle a 11-34 cassette, and it can handle a 34-50 chainring range, or a 30 tooth if you're using a triple setup in the front.

If you want to modify it for more steep grade climbing while loaded then you'll need to switch to Deore, that setup can handle a 10-51T rear, and a 44/32/24T front if you are running triples, or 38-24 doubles.

Sounds all well and good to go with Deore right? not quite! in order to make that work you have to get a new rear wheel, because the original rear wheel was an 8 speed. 

Money money money.

Staying with Claris is the cheapest route, but if the cost to upgrade is not a big deal then consider the Deore if you want to be able climb a loaded bike up steep grades.