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Original Greg Siple Art (late 70's early 80's)
« on: June 06, 2023, 07:28:08 am »
Hello all,
I acquired this piece at auction many years ago.
I immediately recognized it as a Greg Siple for obvious reasons.
Having been a lifelong tourist and member of Bikecentennial all the way through today I really wanted this for my office.
It has hung proudly in my office where I could see it everyday, but now that I'm older and moving to smaller digs, it's time to pass this on.
Size is appx.15.5 x 21.5 for the piece itself. The frame, matte and UV protectant glass are too difficult/expensive to ship so are not included.
Piece will be lightly rolled and packed carefully for you to frame as you wish.
This is a delightful piece of work and makes me smile every time I look at it because I know what each of the "accessories" is for and why they are there : )

The plaque that came with this was misplaced during the framing process so sadly is lost to time. The image of it is from the original auction house listing.
I do not know who the original recipient of this was  or what they did to get such a lovely gift from the Bikecentennial team, but I know they must have been truly special.

This really is a piece of Adventure cycling from nearly the days of inception. I doubt anyone at the time would have thought that 40+ years later it would be what it is today.
I am still proud to be a member.

If you want to be the steward of this piece of ACA history, contact me for price , priority preference WILL be given to long standing ACA members and ACA staff.
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