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Feedback on proposed route
« on: February 02, 2024, 07:07:20 am »
I will be departing Pueblo, CO mid-June with my end destination Seattle.  FYI - I'm riding on 26 x 1.5" tires.  That info is important because there are a lot of rail-trails I COULD use, but can't because of the size of my tires (e.g, Palouse-Cascades Trail from eastern side of Washington to Ellensburg is not rideable on the tires I'm using according to others I've been in contact with).  Proposed route follows the TransAm from Pueblo to Missoula.  From Missoula I will head north to link onto the Coeur d'Alene rail trail.  After that it gets a little dicey getting from Plummer ID to Ellensburg, WA.  I've looked at several alternatives and the best route IMO is the following:  Plummer ID to Cheney to Wilbur to Sun Lakes State Park to Wenatchee to Cle Ellum and then into Seattle on the PCT.  Lodging will be whatever is available - hotels, hostel, camping, WarmShowers, etc. 

I appreciate any feedback/tips/comments you have on my proposed route and please propose alternative routing if you have a better route.  Thanks again in advance!!