Author Topic: Northern Tier Sec. 3 Maps 55-56 and L&C Sec. 3 Maps 49-50. Road closure 6/2023  (Read 2408 times)

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The bridges of I-94 are being replaced where it goes over CR 139 about 6 mi. west of Glen Ullin. CR139 is closed at that point. Eastbound, from Hebron, turn right onto CR 90 towards I-94, ride onto on I-94 at exit 97 and then leave at exit 102. This put us on the other side of the closed CR139.  (Note: I-94 starts to become 1-lane per direction and both E and W split one side of the highway. Getting off at exit 102 got us off the road before the eastbound I-94 moved to the other side of the highway.)  Westbound, cyclists will have a harder time getting through the closure of CR 139. You certainly don’t want to be on I-94 east of exit 102 where there is one lane of each direction on one side of the interstate. And there is no option to get onto I-94 westbound at exit 102. We don't often recommend this, but it might be safest to hitch a ride in a pickup truck between Glen Ullin and Hebron. The bridge project is expected to run for 2 years.
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Perfect opportunity to explore some of the dirt roads in the area.  Here is one possibility:

Another possibility is 40 1/2 St. from CR 139 and a right at the T onto CR 89.  That will take you back to CC 139 west of the bridge replacement location.

Might find yourself riding by beautiful fields of sunflowers. 
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Or -

Only 5.5 miles of dirt instead of 15.
But any dirt roads in western ND are very iffy in wet weather.


I believe it is important for ND DOT to retain access for cyclists thru the construction project.
I highly doubt that the parallel transcontinental railroad is shut down for 2 years.
Not to mention that federal transportation bills have a multimodality requirement in the funding.