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Bike Shipment From Astoria, Oregon
« on: September 13, 2023, 04:20:37 pm »
I recently completed a Trans-America bike ride, and asked "Bike and Things" in Astoria, Oregon to ship my bike back to the East Coast in mid-July 2023.  Big Mistake!  Not only did the bike get shipped a week later than promised, but it was quickly evident that little care and professionalism had gone into the disassembly and packaging of the bike.  In a quick observation, I discovered my bike arrived to my home in a box that was clearly too small for my bike frame, causing the owner (Scott and/or his minion) to disassemble the bike further than expected.  The bike's front fork had been completely removed from the frame, with the fork bearings and related items lying on the bottom of the shipping box in partially wrapped cardboard.  Upon removal of the rear wheel, I noticed the front derailluer had snapped from the frame.  Additionally, I noticed the through-axle to my front wheel was missing, along with one of the rear panniers I had requested to be shipped as well. Scott requested photos and details of the issues, which I quickly obliged.  He assured me that he would work with the shipper and contact me in about a week to remedy the situation . He never did.  My advice to bikers transiting the Astoria, Oregon area; be wary of shipping fa bike rom this establishment.