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Bike Route Navigator
« on: June 21, 2023, 02:42:13 pm »
Planning on
Allegheny Mountain Loop in July. I cannot find paper maps of the ACA route.. 
I have "Bicycle Route Navigator" (apple) with Blacksburg to Blacksburg loop. 
1. I am unable to change the direction of travel.  My workaround is to check points before the route splits..  It's kinda clunky!
2. Unable to navigate any of the sections or generate cue sheets because it does not allow point to point navigation. It would be nice to see the full power of this app before I'm wheels up.  So it navigates from my home in Florida.  The Open street interface is kinda ___ !!
3.  Not a whole lot of pucker factor.  I am used to getting lost. It sure would be nice, though, if there was wifi or cell coverage in that neck of the WV  woods.  Unfortunately this area is largely in a radio signal free zone.  A paper map would be nice.
My route planning so far has me identifying nominal waypoints on the app, and transpose them in google maps to mark waypoints. Then I transfer them to a google map route.   I often have to reroute the route between points or add turn by turn waypoints in the map.  There are limits to the number of points in the map. (maybe I will become a data entry expert, or junior cartographer by the time I'm done.) I am not concerned with the Greenbriar R. trail. Pocahontas Co. sent me a nice paper map with mile markers!
4. Why?  Is there a fear of pirating these routes? Clunky economy of revenue?  I just don't get why it's so difficult.  I have been scratching my head maybe too many times to understand this stuff, but I do like to ride my bike!
Wah-wah-wah.  I feel so much nicer now that I have mentioned some of the clunkyness! 

But if anyone has a suggestion that might help in my planning I'd appreciate  it.
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