Author Topic: Violations of Title 23 section 109m United states code.  (Read 2592 times)

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Violations of Title 23 section 109m United states code.
« on: November 28, 2023, 08:38:32 am »
I'm in the everglades. I considered following interstate 75 highway 84 to Miami. This does not seem to be possible. This is a clear violation of the law in the title. I have a bit of a problem in that I have lost 3 of my email providers. I will not be filing a complaint until I can get a more stable email. I want to repeate here some one I think may be the Amish have sued some government I think may be Ohio and a federal judge ruled preventing horses and wagons from using public roads is a violation of the religious freedom on the United States constitution. Highway department officials are terrified of this ruling and they are under a gag order not to discuss it. Once again the constitution says the Postmaster General and only the Postmaster General has the authority to regulate traffic on postal roads. Highway 84 is certainly a postal road but I will need to be able to prove this. I have more laws very old laws that I will leave as a surprise to the courts. If any one in the highway department is your friend you may want to pass on this information so they can decide to ignore the unconstitutional state law as is being done in other states. Again I have already won this battle in other states. If I do get pulled over it will be under controlled conditions. The state police officer and highway department officials will be facing the death penalty. I also have a law that will let me disbar a judge.