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Companions Wanted Section
« on: May 13, 2024, 09:44:38 pm »
Since it appears ACA has removed the official "Companions Wanted" section from this Forum, this has been created as a workaround.

Some basic rules:
1) This is ONLY for bicycle touring companions; not the lonely and looking for company area, selling bikes, looking for a campground, etc.
2) ONLY POST WHEN "Looking for a Companions".  DO NOT REPLY TO A REQUEST!! To reply to a Seeker's post you are interested in, PLEASE only private message the Seeker (link is near upper left of that specific post) otherwise the forum thread could get confusing, i.e. are you replying to Seeker #3 or Seeker #7 and the thread becomes useless.  Don't be lazy and just reply.  If you must reply to a companion, please be sure to address the person's name/user id, to eliminate confusion.
3) This is for personal use only.  No commercial advertising except to provide a one-time link to a commercial BICYCLE TOUR you are going on and seeking a companion, i.e. you are going on a cross-state ride (link provided) and looking for a companion. 4) Once your tour is over and/or you have found your desired companion(s), please REMOVE your post (upper right corner of the post) so the Companions Section is as current as possible and not filled with posts from 3 years ago.  If you replied to a post, be sure to REMOVE your post also.
Some basic guidelines:
1) Provide a date and tour description, i.e. ACA TransAm West to East starting mid-June.
2) Give a reasonable amount of demographics, i.e. age, sex, marital status, touring experience, language skills if applicable, bike repair skills, etc. so potential companions can decide if you are compatible
3) Give a brief description of your riding style, i.e. early riser, party hard, ride 60 miles per day on average, eating preferences (restaurants, cook own food, vegan, meat lover, etc.), things you want to accomplish (looking to visit the biggest ball of twine), what you are looking for in a companion, etc.
4) Due to !@#$% computer bots, you are strongly advised NOT to give your personal email or phone number in the public post
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