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Lunch on my tours is typically eaten as a series of small snacks, and technically I consider any meal part of "lunch" if it is eaten after I start riding for the day and before I get to camp.  I probably wouldn't eat everything in the photo above on any given day, but sometimes come shockingly close to that ideal.

A couple other notes:

  • On the average, I'd expect something over half of the daily food weight to be considered "lunch".
  • A fast breakfast might often roll into lunch with the addition of coffee.  In some cases then "breakfast" might be a granola bar, an apple, and a cup of coffee.
  • Cream cheese or hummus are sometimes welcome on my tortillas as well for variety
  • The ziploc containers that tortillas, beef jerky, and nuts come in can also be used as trash bags as the days go by
  • On "energy bars".  There are quite a variety and availability can be limited to nonexistent depending on where you are.  Snickers bars can be fine as a substitute.  The fancy and expensive Bhu and Core bars are marginally healthier for you, but require refrigeration and are difficult to find.  Also, caffeinated Clif Bars are a powerful tool if used wisely, usually one is good for about 25 miles of riding
  • One thing not shown here is electrolyte supplements.  That might be a powdered drink mix, it might be like those weird Nuun tablets (although personally I prefer the Hammer Endurolyte Fizz tablets).  Clif Bloks are good if you can find them.  But it might be the little "Emergen-C" packets you see in gas stations.
  • None of the above implies that a deli salad, a cheeseburger, or a bag of chips would be beneath me on a long day!

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A couple of other thoughts:

  • The resealable bags that tortillas, beef jerky, and nuts often come in can be reused as trash bags as the days go by.  Especially for the little packets of nut butter and tuna which can make a nasty mess in your bike bags if you aren't careful.
  • I prefer the little packets of nut butters (preferably the ones with chocolate) to a jar, as the jars have a tendency to catastrophically fail and again leave a nasty mess in your bike bags.  The little packets are carefully packed away in their own ziplock sandwich bag as insurance against them being crushed and popping open.
  • Less tasty "energy" bars can be made less unpalatable by liberally drizzling them with nut butters of various kinds.
  • You can "pre-rip" your "energy" bars so you can easily eat them while you are riding.  Having something to chaw on while you are riding is sometimes helpful.