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Okanogan Highlands Loop
« on: May 14, 2024, 10:16:21 am »

I'm planning to ride this route sometime after Memorial Day.  It seems like it would be a good candidate for an ACA short route as well.

Ridewithgps underestimates the amount of unpaved riding on this route.  And many miles that are nominally "paved" might as well not be.

The route is characterized by two long, brutal uphills followed by equally long downhills.  The 20-mile 5500-foot climb out of Boulder Creek is the most brutal, and is south-facing and in many sections shadeless.  On the other hand there are adequate water sources and campsites and it would be feasible to split it over two days.  Because of that section I'd recommend this route either in early June right after most of the snow has melted out or in late September or early October.

I've ridden sections of this route in the past but never as a whole tour, and I haven't ridden all of it yet.  It seems feasible for a strong cyclist to make this trip in three days.  I'll probably take three days and an extra morning.

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Re: Okanogan Highlands Loop
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Oh, yeah, on ACA short routes ACA accepted and published my short route submission in the area, which crosses the rugged divide between the Methow Valley and Lake Chelan.

Also, this excellent route (and description) covers a lot of the same terrain:
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