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Co-Motion American with Rohloff & Belt Drive for Sale
« on: May 17, 2024, 03:39:32 pm »
My lovely wife can no longer ride a regular diamond frame bike due to arthritis in her neck so we are selling her 2013 Co-Motion Americano with a Rohloff rear hub and Belt Drive.   

Here is a link to some pictures:
Here is a link to the Americano’s info: .  It appears the bike has not changed that much since 2013.

The bike is a size 46cm (see above link for rest of the geometry) and is overall lightly used.  It has a pretty new belt (maybe 500 miles on it) and to help her up the hills, I updated the sprockets so the bike now has a low of 14.5 inches and a high of 76.1 inches.  It should be noted that this is an “unallowed” ratio by Rohloff but unless you are a very strong rider able to generate a ton of torque, you should be fine.  The high may seem too low but if you have a cadence of 100rpms, you are going 22.6mph according to Sheldon Brown’s Gear Calculator.  For her, that was fast enough when fully loaded with gear. Of course, the low is very low, but it makes climbing the hills easier. After 45+ years of touring, I have discovered this range of gears is wonderful for loaded touring. 

With the Rohloff and belt drive, there really is very minimal maintenance.  Basically, about every 5k miles or annual (whichever comes first) you change the oil which takes about 20 minutes and that is easy to do.  No other maintenance or adjustments except for occasionally washing the dirt off with a hose.  We have 4 bikes with belt drives and have never worn one out and strongly prefer them.  They supposedly get about 15k miles if you do not tighten the belt too tight.  This newish belt should last quite a few years since it is basically new.  Of course, you will need to replace the disk pads as needed.   

The bike comes with a SON generator hub and a Plug charger to keep your electronics charged.  Rims are Dyad which are plenty of strong.  The 32mm Schwalbe Marthon Plus tires have about 50% tread life on them.   

There is a working front light connected to the generator hub.  The wiring is in place for a rear light also, but the rear light quit working for some reason (bad light, bad cable, ??? ) and I am not electrically minded to fix it.  Since she prefers a “blinky” light, I just trashed the rear light.   The bike has Tubus front and rear racks, water bottle mounts for 3 bottles (2 cages included).  The seat and pedals (Frog pedals) can be included if desired.  The leather handlebar tape will need to be replaced within a couple of years but since tape color/style tends to be a personal choice, I will leave that up to you.  A small Ortlieb handlebar bag is included with a locking mount & key.  The mount will work for all other Ortlieb handlebar bags. 

The asking price is $4,000 plus actual shipping costs from Zip Code 74105.  Payment via cash, check, wire transfer, or Paypal.  I don’t accept other payment methods. 

The bike is in Tulsa, OK, and while I prefer a local pickup, I am willing to box it up and ship it to you at cost via your preferred shipping method.   

Private message me with any questions.  Tailwinds, John
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