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Is there anyone that can give me a detailed supply list for a TA ride.  I am looking for cook stove model #'s, sleeping bag models, tent brands and models, etc, etc, etc.  Thank you very, very much.    Kevin

Hi Kevin. Google "bicycle across equipment list" (without the quotation marks) and stand back. Don't expect much consensus.


I gotta believe that long distance biking is a lot like long distance hiking.  In that regard, weight is frequently the driving issue for equipment selection.

If your cooking is just boiling 2 cups of water for one, then I suggest that you make a Pepsi-can alcohol stove.  If you are doing more than that, then look at the MSR Whisperlite white gas stove.

Sleeping bags:  Mummy shape are the lightest.  Synthetic will work just fine, and the extra weight over down is not significant, unless you buy a cold weather bag.  Many good brands of bags out there.

Tents:  I'd look for a one person backpacking tent, or maybe a two person backpacking tent.  Look at the MSR Zoid tents, and the Sierra Design Clip Flashlight tents.

I think I'd spend some time shopping at camping/backpacking supply places. You can get a list of what you need on line-I'm sure there must be one on Adventure Cycling site somewhere. As to specific models, etc..-that depends an awful lot on the individual. Sleeping bags and tents-depends on the size you want, the weather you're going to be in, how much weight you want to carry & so on. My wife and I use a 3 man tent because we just don't like being jammed in a two man tent, but could save a couple pounds if we did. We use a Primus stove, because its easy to use even if "biker confusion syndrome" has already set in before dinner. I don' think any two bike trips are ever the same, and neither are any two cycle tourists, so you need to make the decisions.

biker_james is correct in stating that there must be a list on our site. ;) It can be found in the "How-To Department." A link is located in the right-hand column on the front page (and other subsequent pages). Or you can use this link:

I believe the article does not give specific model numbers but does give suggestions of what to look for in equipment and what to consider taking. As someone else posted, each trip and each cyclist are unique in their needs.

Have a great ride,


Jennifer H. Milyko
Routes & Mapping


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