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I would like to chat with recumbent bike riders who have toured cross country on their bike. I have toured half way accross the US on a full suspension mountain bike. Now for the last half I'm tring to decide if I want a rode bike or a recumbent.

Thank You

I recommend you check out  they have several recumbent tour journals, my own included.  I think the link is

You can contact the authors via their Guestbooks

My vote is for recumbent touring, unless you are riding on really rough, unpaved terrain.


I really became I cycle tourist because of recumbents, and I wouldn't do a paved road tour with anything else.  The challenge is to find a style of recumbent that works well for you.  Most people tend to think that a long wheel base design is the most stable and best suited to touring though many have used short wheel base designs, too.  I currently ride a Tour Easy by Easy Racers, a bike long considered a bench mark for touring.  With panniers that fit under the seat, handling is superb, almost as if the bike is not weighed down at all.  I love it.  Do your best to find a shop where you can try as many as possible.


Thank you for your imput on the tour easy. I have ridden this bike several time and always wonder about the tightness in the steering. One major concern in going up hill will I get the wobblies and wonder in  the middle of the road. What are you thoughts? Also I have a BOB for touring and do not need to carry anything other than water bottles etc.


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I ride recumbents (I have 2) though the longest tour I've ever done is only 1200km at any one time. I average over 4000km a year on just short trips.I do have hopes of doing a across Canada tour in the next 5 years.

My bikes are both SWB bents and though sturdy little beasts I don't think they have it in them to do a across country tour. I may get me a Tour Easy-Expedition for that type of trip. Breaking up a x-country tour into smaller sections enables one to spend more time in sight seeing and enjoy local hospitality.


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